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I have enjoyed over 25 years working as an Electronic Technician, providing support to design and test engineers on radio, laser, fiber optics, IR imaging and targeting systems and railway signaling systems. Beyond that, electronics has been my chief hobby since I was 13 when I build my first crystal radio. I am really excited about Melbourne Florida’s new, emerging MakerSpace Communityhttp://melbournemakerspace.org/ , and a great local start-up manufacturer/seller of electronic goodies, Jaycon Systemshttp://www.jayconsystems.com/ (who are also active in the Maker community). Meetup.comhttp://www.meetup.com/find/?view=list&events=true&sort=default has been instrumental in bringing a lot of local, creative and intelligent people together. I am deeply committed to open-source, Ubuntu Linux, knowledge-sharing and mentoring. I have been happily married for over 35 years and have grown daughters and young grand children. I love teaching and tinkering; and I profusely blog (SirBlogaLot).

Happily employed as a Test Engineering Specialist

I am the person you want in your Engineering Lab because I love it there! I work well with design, test, quality, procurement, safety and program management. I am active in the MakerSpace community and network with our area’s best creative minds; and I am always learning about the latest technologies. If you need someone who can solder under a microscope, build a working circuit from a sketch on a napkin, hack some code, design a test fixture, create a schematic, spin a PCB, create document or run some tests, I am the one! My job is to make your engineers more successful and to multiply their efforts and to keep your projects on schedule.

You can contact me at jamesmdinsmore@gmail.com



My other sites: https://jamesmdinsmore.wordpress.com/

Other interests: http://jamesdinsmoreblogs.blogspot.com/ Plant identification, sea beans, kayaking, etc.

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