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I have enjoyed my career as an Electronic Technician; providing support to design and test engineers on radio, laser, fiber optics, IR imaging and targeting systems and avionic systems. Beyond that, electronics has been my chief hobby since I was 13 when I build my first crystal radio. I am really excited about Melbourne Florida’s new, emerging MakerSpace Community , it has been instrumental in bringing a lot of local, creative and intelligent people together. I am deeply committed to embedded programming, IOT, open-source, Ubuntu Linux, knowledge-sharing and mentoring.

Test Engineering Specialist

I am the person you want in your Engineering Lab because I love it there! I work well with design, test, quality, procurement, safety and program management. I am active in the MakerSpace community and network with our area’s best creative minds; and I am always learning about the latest technologies. If you need someone who can solder under a microscope, build a working circuit from a sketch on a napkin, hack some code, design a test fixture, create a schematic, spin a PCB, create document or run some tests, I am the one! My job is to make your engineers more successful and to multiply their efforts and to keep your projects on schedule.

You can contact me at jamesmdinsmore@gmail.com

My other sites: https://jamesmdinsmore.wordpress.com/

Other interests: Plant identification, sea beans, kayaking, etc.


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